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Vincent Cazeneuve/Wensen Qi as he's called in China since he established 10 years ago his artist studio in the Sichuan mountains, in the area of Chongqing, studied at École des Métiers d'Art in Revel with expertise in wood cabinet making, marquetry and gilding. Lacquer painting, one of the most ancient arts in Asia, acted like a strong magnet to him. So Vincent committed himself to live in China and with his own language deciphering the work of lacquer, learning the processes from traditional lacquer ware.


Simultaneously, he blends his own creativity into Chinese lacquer traditions, mixing elements with his roots. He is currently one of the very few artists who are bringing together a very ancient Asian art and modern Western influences like the 20th century abstraction.


Wensen is deeply touched by way the materials are changing with effect of the time elements. He is also fascinated by the ability of human being to transform natural materials all along history. In his artworks, the Chinese lacquer -which can bear thousands years and still remain bright and resplendent- is worked, engraved or hand-painted, pasted with various materials of nature, such as linen, silver, gold, tin, lead, shells, stone, wood …


Wensen Qi has been exhibited in many cities in Europe and Asia (Paris, Toulouse, Revel, Tokyo, Chongqing, Suzhou, Mianzhu) and at several famous art fairs (Art Basel Hong Kong, Shanghai contemporary Art fair, Beijing Art fair, Singapore Art fair). Nowadays his artworks of the past 10 years live in public collections in France and China, and in many private collections (China, Thailand, Italy, Switzerland, US, France). 


Wensen Qi (Qi is the Chinese character for “lacquer”, representing a tree containing water which becomes ice) has gained strong recognition in China for his knowledge about lacquer. He has been asked to teach in Univeristies and at the China academy of Art in Hangzhou. A Foundation which will bear his name will be soon lounched.

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